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9 June 2012

St. Premyslav

Tensions rode high during the opening day of Euro 2012. Some pictures from the heart of Warsaw.

One hundred thousand people traveled to the Warsaw fanzone to watch Poland play Greece in the opener of Euro 2012. And that is only the official tally: many more watched the match from outside the gate.

It was the first competitive match White-Red has played for more than 2 years. And even then, never before have expectations been so high in Poland. For the first time since the 70’s and 80’s, Poland some world class players in their squad (the rest, however, is sub-par on an international level…)

The media was tense as well. If ever there was a moment to show something, it was now.

When Lewandowski scored the opening goal of the tournament, not only the stadium exploded.

‘One more! One more! One more!’

Well, they got it in the second half unfortunately. As I was relegated to a worse spot on the press stand, the Polish team truly struggled against the ten Greeks.

First Salpingidis scored after an error by Wojciech Szczesny…

And then he caused a penalty AND got sent off in the process. Przemyslaw Tyton, his replacement, did not have a chance to warm himself up.

He ignited the crowd with his save however. I would not be surprised if the Vatican would receive emails and letters from Poland demanding his immediate beautification. ‘Saint Premyslav’… it has a nice ring to it.

The rest of the match wasn’t very interesting, and the crowd dispersed among mixed feelings. They didn’t lose, but they could (and should) have won against what generally was a poor Greek side.

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